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Terms & Conditions- Membership

General: The goal of the Web9000 Network is to build and maintain a professional business network that provides valuable resources, products and services to its members.  Unfortunately there are those who would take advantage of our service to promote inappropriate material or unethical business practices.  Therefore we must impose some rules and regulations on our members.

Website Content: The Web9000 Network fully supports an individual's right to freedom of speech but does not feel that a professional business network is an appropriate forum for certain types of material.  We do not allow adult sites, racist or hate material, any illegal activity or unethical/ illegitimate business practices.  Any website found to contain any unacceptable material may be removed at any time by the Network.

Web9000 Network Logo: As a network member you will be required to display the network logo(s) on your website and link it to the network website.  Large or high traffic sites may be required to display additional logos, banners or other advertising considerations at the discretion the network.

Members Responsibilities: In order to maintain the network's image as a valuable business resource, we require members to keep their website information current.  Members with websites that contain dated material may be asked to update said material periodically.  Websites with out of date or expired material may be temporarily removed by the Network as necessary to maintain a professional appearance.  Our goal in this is to ensure that visitors to the network will be able to find valuable up-to-date information, services, and products.

Membership Fees: Initial membership fee of $120.00 is due and payable at sign-up.  Annual fees ($120.00) will be due and payable on January 1 of each calendar year.  First annual fee after sign up will be pro-rated at $10.00/mo. from the month service begins. Unpaid memberships may result in an interuption of service.

Webhosting: Members will receive free (no monthly fees) webhosting provided they comply with the network standards (as stated above).  To ensure that these standards are met and that the Network as a whole maintains a professional appearance, we will conduct periodic reviews of members websites.  Any inappropriate material may result in immediate removal of a webpage until corrections can be made.  Warnings will be issued and members will be required to remove unacceptable material.  Continued violation of Network policy may result in termination of membership.  Web space and/or memberships may NOT be shared or resold.  Additional charges may be required for special services such as real audio/ video, active server pages, online shopping carts, etc.

Free Basic Webpage: A free basic webpage(s) will be provided at member's request.  This page shall be constructed by the Network using information provided by the member and following a basic webpage format.  The member may provide a "mock-up" page based on the Network's format, otherwise page layout and design is at the discretion of the Network.  After completion of webpage the member shall have one (1) opportunity to make corrections to information contained in the webpage.  This does not include changes to design elements of the webpage.  Additional changes and/or updates to the webpage made by the Network will be done at Web9000's reasonable rates.  Custom webpages require additional costs and will be quoted on an individual basis.

Banner Rotation: The free banner rotation areas appear on all of the common network pages.  Members banners are rotated equally and receive the same exposure as other members in the same sections or categories.  Banners provided by members are subject to approval by the Network.  Banners are to measure 400 pixels wide by 40 pixels in height and should be no more than 10k in file size.


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