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Nurit 2085 Point of Sale Terminal

Advanced technology combines speed, versatility and functionality.

General Features

  • Impressive telephone line transaction speed - 8 seconds on average.
  • Super-fast 12 lines-per-second thermal printer with automatic feeding system.
  • Accommodates multiple EDC transaction types including: credit, debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), check guarantee and truncation, phone cards and more.
  • 1 full megabyte of FLASH - allows for additional applications.
  • 256kb additional RAM for even more memory capacity.
  • Powerful 32-bit processor.
  • Multi-host capability including AMEX PIP.
  • User-friendly operational menu system.
  • Large, easy-to-read display.
  • 4 programmable "hot keys" to customize tasks, increase efficiency. (See chart below.)
  • 4 "soft keys" to quickly and easily answer display-driven questions.
  • Current and history batch reports available.
  • Compact styling occupies minimal counter-space.
  • Can be mounted on wall or swivel base.

The NURIT 2085 Plus, the NURIT 2085U and the NURIT 2090 POS/EDC Terminals
Upgrading your terminal has never been easier or more affordable!

Several upgraded versions of the NURIT 2085 are also available affording both you and your customers greater flexibility and added convenience. Each of these popular terminals comes packed with all the outstanding features found in the base model plus additional enhancements that merchants as well as consumers will appreciate.

NURIT 2085 PLUS...includes all the performance benefits of the NURIT 2085 plus a pre-programmed internal PIN pad to accommodate Debit/ATM cards and EBT card transactions.

NURIT 2085U...this dependable version of the 2085 comes with its own 5-hour or 9-hour UPS battery making it the ideal choice for use with a cellular phone for portable/mobile transactions.

NURIT 2090...versatility best describes this most advanced member of the 2085 family of terminals which combines a pre-programmed PIN pad plus a built-in radio and your choice of either a 5-hour or 9-hour UPS battery for wireless transactions.

Hot Key Features

Restauranteurs, bar owners, and retailers will appreciate the NURIT 2085 for these important "hot key" features programmed to accommodate their specific business needs.

  Restaurant Bar Retail*
F1: Add tips Add tips EBT
F2: Print ind. server checkout report. Print ind. server checkout report. Debit.
F3 Print all servers checkout report Open a bar tab. Phone card activation
F4 Cash receipt. Close a bar tab Check.

Other functions the NURIT 2085 "hot keys" can perform include:

Default report by server ID or card type, totals by host or card type, find a transaction by card # or invoice #, scroll by server ID or card type.

*NURIT 2085 Plus