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How to Use Our Directory
Our online business directory has move to www.web9000.net. Our new automated system has more features than the old static pages. You can use the search function to find information by keywords, or use browse by category. All of the information in our new directory is indexed in the search tool for this website as well.

How to Use FTP
FTP (file transfer protocol) is used to upload your website files to our server. You will need FTP software to do this. We recommend Cute FTP, however any FTP program should work. To use FTP you will have to set-up an account in your FTP program. You will need the following information...
  • FTP Host Name
  • User Name
  • Password
    This information was provided to you when you signed up for service with Web9000. If you do not have this info please email us at cadmin@web9000.com or call our office at 805 498-2366. All other settings in the FTP program should be left as the default settings. Once your account is set-up you will use this program to connect to the server.

    the following info is for "CuteFTP" or similar "drag & drop" type FTP clients

    When you log on to the server you will get a welcome message, click OK. While you are logged on you will see two frames in the FTP window, the left side shows a directory of your hard drive, and the right side is your website directory on the server. On the right you should see a folder named HTML. All of your website files must go into the HTML folder. To upload files, double click the HTML folder to open it. Locate your website files on your hard drive, (left side of window). Then simply drag-and-drop the files from the left side to the right side.

    Once the files are in the HTML folder they should be active when you go to your website. Your homepage should be named index.html , index.htm , or default.htm

    Email Help
    Your POP3 email account with Web9000 is for incoming mail only. Your outgoing mail is sent though your dial-up service. To use your account you will need an email client such as Outlook Express. You will need to set-up a mail account with the following information...
  • POP3 server name
  • User name
  • Password
    This info was provided when you opened your account with Web9000. If you do not have this info please email us at cadmin@web9000.com or call our office at 805 498-2366.

    CGI Help
    You may run a CGI script from any directory within your HTML directory. We recommend that you create a folder named cgibin (no dash) inside the HTML folder. The location of perl on the server is...
    perl = /usr/bin/perl
    perl5 = /usr/bin/perl5
    The path to your root directory is...


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