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Adopt a Pet
African Wildlife
American Kennel Club
American Pet Association
Animal Aid Va.
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Animal Welfare Society
Ark Animal Tracks
Atlanta Humane Society
Audubon Magazine
Austin SPCA
Back to Nature
Bear Association
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Bear TAG
Boarding Kennels Association
Boston Rescue League
Canine Companions
Continental Kennel Club
Docked Breeds
Equus Sanctuary
Eskimo Dog Rescue
Ferret Association
Goose Museum
Gorilla Foundation
Gorilla Haven
Hanoverian Society
Hearts United
Herpetological Society
House Rabbit Society
Humane Society
Hunting Dog Association
International Wildlife Coalition
K-9 Haven
Kuvasz Association
Marathon Humane Society
Marin Humane Society
Mercy Rescue Net
New Hampshire SPCA
Peregrine Fund
Rare Breed Association
Rat and Mouse Club
Sea Otters
Sighthound Association
Sugar Glider Association
Suncoast Humane Society
Texas Rabbit Sanctuary
Tiger Foundation
Tiger Haven
Timber Wolf Information
American Warmblood Registry
Whale Net
Wild Animal Orphanage
Wildlife Defenders
Wildlife Federation
Wildlife Forever
Wildlife Museum
Wildlife Society
Wolf Association
Wolf Center
Wolf Sanctuary
Wolverine Foundation
World Wildlife Fund
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